WingID is an identification tool that allows you to identify a species by manually placing landmarks on a photo. Landmarks are placed in specific order on the wing venation patterns. This identification tool currently allows you to identify bees and wasps, but support for more species will be added.

Shape Analyses


Thibaut De Meulemeester and Serrano Pereira


This tool is a collaborative project with many contributors.

  • Manuel Dehon, UMONS, BE
  • Dr. Denis Michez, UMONS, BE
  • Dr. Adrien Perrard, MNHN, FR
  • Dr. Leila Had-Henni
  • Dr. Denis Augot
  • Mart Vogel
  • Dexter Wessel
  • Eelco Ufkes

Acknowledgments and Supports

We are grateful to Koos Biesmeijer, Denis Michez and Manuel Dehon for their constant support in the development of the tool, development of methods and for their unvaluable contribution. We also thank Paul de Zeeuw and Eric Pauwels. Rutger Vos. The team of pro-iBiosphere. Students: Eelco, Tim, Collin


To cite the app in publications use:

De Meulemeester T. and Pereira S. (2015) WingID: Morphometrics-based identification app. Naturalis Biodiversity Center, Leiden, The Netherlands. URL http://wing-id.naturalis.nl/.

We have invested a lot of time and effort in creating this app, please cite it when using it for data analysis. Contributors would also greatly appreciate if you cite their work, in relation to the specific reference dataset yo used:

  • Bees: Dehon M., Michez D., and De Meulemeester T.
  • Bumblebees: De Meulemeester T.
  • Andrena: Wessel D. and De Meulemeester T.
  • Lasioglossum: Vogel M. and De Meulemeester T.
  • Mellitidae: Michez D., Dewulf A., Dehon M., and De Meulemeester T.
  • Wasp: Perrard A.
  • Syrphidae: De Meulemeester T.
  • Culicoides: De Meulemeester T., Hadj-Henni L., and Augot D.